Peace and Love


Designing different collections, I’ve just started creating concept development for AkhtarBanoo brand with novel identity.

Thanks to my academic background in international relations, I’ve just started with Peace Collection. It was a nice incident because our world today is thirsty of peace.

Keeping in mind the worldwide trend of interdisciplinary approaches,  I’ve decided to interconnect art of jewellery design with international relations. So why not! Let’s give it a try! It was all behind the Peace Collection. For sure my patriotic emotion was a big driving force and led me discover aspects of affection and peace-loving of ancient Iranians from their ancient artworks and motifs.

source of inspiration

The design of this collection has been inspired by an article presented by me in Iran National Peace Conference focusing on peace context and addressing peace symbols and motifs.

Twelve-petal motif in this collection is the symbol of Lotus flower which can be found in ancient Iranian architectural art specially in Persepolis. Lotus motif represents innocence, self purification and is the symbol of love, peace, truth and perfection. This motif manifests Ahura Mazda, Mitra and Anahita, the god and goddesses of kindness, commitment and reconciliation.

Spiritual flourish of Lotus is the reason of its sanctity in the beliefs of ancient Iranians. With the roots in contamination, Lotus is pure and grows up to the sun and the sky.

This motif has been used beside peace dove with the origin in ancient Greece mythology because of the similarity in their concept. Peace dove carries olive leaf representing innocence and self purity and is symbolised as peace and love worldwide for a long time. In the pairings relating goddess Aphrodite this dove can been seen. Pablo Picasso depicts this dove as a symbol of peace for the first time and it was used as the logo for World Peace Congress at Paris in 1949.

It would be nice using both western and eastern symbols of peace and love together and beside each other composing a single piece of artwork.