About US

About Akhtarbanoo

My brand AkhtarBanoo is a successor of Dorgoon brand.
Unlike Dorgoon designs which did not follow a theme or specific subject, AkhtarBanoo is telling story via conceptual designs in a unique and tailored-made pattern.
My Jewelry tell the stories of my flying mind to express the spirit of the being of mine.

Why Akhtarbanoo?

My name is Akhtar. Some of my friends call me AkhtarBanoo which makes me feel good. Looking for a proper name for my brand, it crossed my mind taking AkhtarBanoo as my brand’s name. So I did take that as it brings tenderness and passion to me.
In Person  language Akhtar means star and Banoo is a title for courtesy which can be compared with lady in English.
I’d like the Iranian spirit all around this name.
For the colour theme of the brand I’ve took Persian Turquoise which is popular all around the world.